ByteBlock will use a BlockMesh Network for the public record structure.

This way when multiple independent offline blockmesh’s are reconciled, instead of conflicting with each other and wasting resources they instead combine together and strengthen each other.

Due to this model, ByteBlock can be used both offline and online at the same time since a Blockmesh model can be updated asynchronously unlike a blockchain.

3 Revolutionary Systems


Our three hardware devices called CryptoFuse™, ShortFuse™, and QuickFuse™ allow the offline to online connection transfer of data (as illustrated in the graphic below).


Our exchange is the first exchange that will allow online and offline cryptocurrencies to be traded. Users are able to trade their coins for primary or alt coins from our CryptoByte coin.


We’ve tokenized our platform and created our own coin called CryptoByte™ (CBT™) which allows users to buy from our marketplace, transfer our coins from peer-to-peer, and or transfer our coin into any other alt or primary coin like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or NEM.

Latest Video

Panel Discussion on CryptoCurrency at NAB Conference with Founder Andrew Couch

In the News

Our company was featured by a number of the most important press & tech magazines throughout the world.

Three Powerful Hardware Tools


  • CryptoFuse files for incorporation in California

    Articles of Incorporation for CryptoFuse Inc.

  • Launch website

  • Pre-Sale Open

    May 3, 2018 pre-sale of CryptoFuse is open to the public.

  • Prototypes Beta

    CryptoFuse prototypes are in beta use.

  • Live – Mainnet

    CryptoFuse, CryptoByte, and ByteBase mainnet.

Current Events

ISEA of the Future Collaboration Summit (Wednesday, 22 August)

(Participants:  ISEA Community within DOD, Industry and Academia)

 Learn about evolving technologies and DOD applications.  A collaborative effort between DOD, Industry and Academia to “Expand the Advantage” in all warfighting domains. First in a series of events designed to bring together Senior Scientific and Technical managers across DOD, Industry and Academia to discuss evolving technologies and their warfighting applications.


Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division, Port Hueneme, CA

Panel Topics:

 Artificial Intelligence  ~  Predictive Analytics / Big Data  ~  Digital Twin  ~  Deep Learning  ~  Autonomy / Robotics  ~  Augmented / Virtual Reality  ~  Machine Learning  Neural Networks  ~  Enhance Collaboration with Defense Contractors  ~  Way Forward


The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division (NSWC PHD) is one of the ten surface and undersea warfare centers and our mission is to provide test and evaluation, systems engineering, integrated logistics support, in-service engineering, business services, and integration of surface ship weapons, combat systems, and warfare systems.

NSWC PHD has been designated as the lead for implementing the In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) of the Future initiative. It is a crucial time to be on the edge of a technology renaissance especially as we continue to support a growing U.S. Navy fleet. We all need to be more networked, more talented, more agile, and more responsive to meet the fleet’s needs.