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"CryptoFuse uses a combination of proprietary hardware and software in combination with blockchain technology and mesh networking to facilitate integrity of transactions in face to face deals. The user only requires pairing their Smartphone with a special storage device in order to validate a transaction. For instance, participants could record the scene of their transaction and the record would be stored on the ledger once internet connectivity is back."

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"Enter CryptoFuse, the first team in the world to figure out how to handshake data offline-to-offline with validation at the point of transaction. We’re in a fully digital age for most of the world, yet some of our point-of-sale terminals are about as good as credit card rubbings when it comes to “offline” capabilities. This is a huge issue at scale, and affects not only our existing systems, but our advancements of these systems into emerging market spaces."

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"This solution will expand the usefulness of blockchain in currency transactions, smart contract execution and supply chain tracking, all with no internet connection at the time of the transaction. Use cases range from a farmer selling a truckload of fruit in a developing country to supply chain tracking of commodities in disaster areas."

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"According to CryptoFuse CEO Andrew Couch, we are currently only operating at 50%, and it should be possible to make cryptocurrency transactions both offline and online."

 It will further encourage adoption of cryptocurrency where people can transact without an internet connection. This is especially important for third world regions with a lack of internet infrastructure. But Couch believes that his new ByteBlock protocol is even better than what is currently used by credit card networks when no internet is available. He states that the ByteBlock protocol is the –

“only protocol in the world that can keep currency offline and allow it to move offline both left and right as part of an online connected public ledger.”

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"CryptoFuse, a startup developing hardware that allows for both online and offline blockchain transactions, recently began setting up shop in D.C."

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Brace For Impact: The Next Evolution Of Secure Crypto Transactions Is Happening Offline

"Using special proprietary software and hardware, CryptoFuse has developed the solution to the existing problem. The system uses a combination of hardware, software, blockchain technology, and mesh networking to facilitate transactional integrity of face-to-face deals. All a user needs to do is pair a smartphone with a special storage device to validate that a transaction has taken place. For example, they can just record the scene of money changing hands as the transaction occurs. This transaction is then recorded and updated in the ledger once internet connectivity is back on."

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