Offline Transactions using Byteblock and Cryptofuse devices.


CryptoFuse had recognized the significant global issue that results from the lack of internet connection – and solved it. Our harmonized family of solutions perform offline ultra-secure data transfers, and online asynchronous ledger reconciliation, opening the potential for existing systems, and the increase to your bottom-line.


Our innovative asynchronous updating technology allows businesses and consumers to have full assurance when conducting their digital offline transactions. Our team has fused the strengths of blockchain and mesh-networking, creating the world’s first fully-operational, asynchronous chain also allowing Cryptofuse to track offline supply line data with complete accuracy when coming back to update it’s online ledger.


Consumer demand for digital transfers have increased at an exponential rate, and while companies have raced to scale to these demands, one fundamental flaw remains. Without constant internet connection, these systems fail. Current industry-grade point-of-sale systems, as well as supply-chain management platforms are incapable of verifying transactions offline, resulting in an industry-wide Achilles’ heel. Millions of dollars are lost each year due to this one simple problem.


The payment processing industry is on track to handle over $503B by 2020, with mobile-only transactions projected to make up over 56%. The supply chain industry is rapidly expanding, with some experts anticipating it to account for over $19B by 2021. Just last year, consumers lost close to $16B from identity theft and fraud alone. From tracking commodities within a global supply chain, to critical financial transactions in disaster-relief areas, to simply transferring data in flight mode, CryptoFuse effortlessly tackles a multitude of real-world challenges.

Check out our MVP and Prototype

We have a working Minimal Viable Product using SD cards and Raspberry Pi