Prototype -MVP

Using Raspberry Pi

Using Raspberry Pi we have developed our Blockmesh Networking technology that allows for offline to offline transfers without duplication or loss. 

Proof of Transaction

This is one of our result screens, as you can see we are able to write a block off a node and store it within our Blockmesh Network. 

Multiple Transactions

Here is an example of multiple transactions coming through from both of the Raspberry Pi's


QuickFuse will pair with your smartphone or smart device and allow the ability to transfer with other offline devices updated by ByteBlock securely.


FusePro allows the network to work both online and offline. It's the device that allows for supply chain tracking at scale as well as merchant payment processing. 


The Shortfuse Wallet will serve in the place of the QuickFuse paired with a  smart device in the event the use case requires it or the user does not have a smart device nor wishes to use one. This hardware wallet fixes that.